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About Elizabeth Garret Anderson

To celebrate Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's 180th birthday in 2016, Google created a special Google Doodle to commemorate her work building the first hospital in this country staffed by women.

1865 Started her practice from home, qualifying as an apothecary with the LSA

1866 Opened St Mary's Dispensary for Women and Children

1870 Appointed Visiting Medical Officer East London Hospital for Children (March)

1870 Gained MD in Paris (June)

1870 Elected to the London School Board (November)

1870 Active in fundraising for Girton College

1870 Became a founder member of the National Women's Suffrage Society

1871 Married (February)

1872 Started the New Hospital for Women

1873 First daughter born

1874 Elected to the British Medical Association

1874 Second daughter born (d.1875)

1874 Was refused membership of the Obstetrical Society

1874 Moved Hospital to Marylebone Rd

1874 Co-Founder of London School of Medicine for Women (LSMW)

1877 Held Charity Concert for New Hospital for Women (2.3.77)

1877 Son born (9.3.1877)

1877 Inaugural speech for LSM for Women

1878 London University agreed to award medical degrees to women

1883 Dean of LSMW

1888 Campaign to raise money for new building for New Hospital for Women

1889 Foundation stone laid for the new bulding in Huntley Street (7.5.89)

1890 42 Beds open - £21,000 raised by EGA to do this

1892 Gave up surgery at New Hospital for Women

1897 Further building to extend London School of Medicine for Women

1898 Elected president of East Anglian branch of the BMA

1898 Grand opening of LSMW with the Prince of Wales raised £4000. 250 women doctors were present (July)

1898 LSMW was granted a Royal Charter and became the London (Royal Free Hospital) School of Medicine for Women (August)

1902 Garrett Anderson retired as Dean, and was made President of the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine

1917 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson died

1918 New Hospital for Women renamed the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital

A fuller history is available on Wikipedia.