Elizabeth Garrett Anderson photo

EGA for Women

A lasting memorial in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery at the UNISON Centre

Gallery closed until further notice

Our Aims

We are a group of people who believe the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGAH) should have been preserved as a memorial to the life and work of Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson in recognition of her enormous contribution to medical history and to the history of women in the UK. Unfortunately it has not been possible to keep it as a functioning hospital run by women for women.

However we have successfully negotiated with the new owners, UNISON, the biggest public service trade union in Britain, to set up a permanent exhibition to commemorate EGA and other pioneering women doctors.

We are also pursuing her original aim of a medical service run by women for women to be restored at the newly-built University College Hospital.


The gallery is a splendid, fitting memorial to the life and work of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. EGAW's vision has been realised and we thank our members for their unstinting support. All are welcome to visit and share in our achievement.

Our warm thanks also to the curatorial team, the designers, Ivor Heal Design, the creative producers, New Angle, and UNISON, who funded the project and saw it through to its successful completion.

Our aims as a group appear to have been fulfilled but we will continue to be vigilant in maintaining our objectives.


Caroline Flint, Midwife

Margaret Ghilchik, Retired Surgeon

Baroness Helena Kennedy, Barrister

Sheila Kitzinger, Childbirth Activist

Carole Tongue, Former MEP


Wendy Savage, Retired Obstetrician